There Are Seat-Back Cameras On Some American And United Air Flights Now


American and United Air Flights containing camera’s on the back seat.  What is the tea? There is another place for the camera to watch you – from 30,000 feet.

The latest back seat entertainment system is installed on some aircraft operated by American, United Air Flights, Singapore Airlines are equipped with cameras, and for aircraft used by other airlines. There is a possibility that it is also equipped.

Everyone in the United States, United, and Singapore said they did not activate the camera on Friday and said they had no plans to use them.

However, according to a spokesperson of American Airlines, companies that manufacture entertainment systems have installed cameras to provide future options, such as seat-by-seat video conferencing.

Passengers posted photos of the back seat display in Singapore flight, the tweets were hundreds of times shared, attracting media attention. The first thing Buzzfeed reported is that this camera is also on several American planes.

American spokeswoman repeatedly said on Friday reporters that no camera was installed in any of the entertainment systems before apologizing. Delta did not answer repeated questions about some of its entertainment systems. It seems to be the same as those of the United States and United.

Airlines stressed that they did not add cameras – manufacturers embedded them in the entertainment system. According to the airline staff, the American system is made by Panasonic and Singapore is using Panasonic and Thales. Neither Panasonic nor Thales asked for comments and soon did not answer.

As cameras shrink, cameras are incorporated into more devices, such as laptops and smartphones. The existence of cameras in the aircraft entertainment system was known in the aviation industry at least two years ago, but it was not among the general public.

Seth Miller, a journalist who wrote about this issue in 2017, believes that equipment manufacturers do not consider the impact on privacy. The camera already exists in the airplane – not too disturbing – the company assumed that passengers would exchange their images for convenience, just like face recognition technology during entry immigration.

Now, Miller stated “they are faced with a rebound from a small but loud group that doubts the value of a system that is not active.”

American aviation spokesman Ross Finestein said the camera is in the seat of 82 Boeing 777 and Airbus A330-200 “Premium Economy”. There are nearly 1,000 aircraft in America.

“The camera is a standard feature of many in-flight entertainment systems used by multiple airlines,” he said.

James Boyd, a spokesman for Singapore, said the camera is installed in 84 Airbus A 350, Airbus A 380, Boeing 777 and 787. There are 117 planes in the aircraft carrier

Although airline companies say they have no plans to use cameras, Twitter users, Vitaly Kamluk who took pictures of their cameras on a Singapore flight, so that airlines do not forget to stick a sticker . Lens

“I guess the camera is probably not currently in use,” he tweeted. “But if wired, operated, and microphone are shipped, it is a matter of one smart hack to spy passengers using them on more than 84 aircraft.”

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