Namibia Buzz: Luxury accommodation


Namibia buzz: luxury accommodation. From Sossusvlei’s oldest sand dunes and foggy Skeleton Coast to magnificent wildlife observation at the Etosha National Park, Namibia caught the imagination of the traveler.

The best part?

As attractive new luxury lodges are open all around the country, it has never been easier to visit.

Convenient things to know:

Namibia is a country with large geographical contrast, fly-in safari is a convenient way to explore a vast variety of geographies. You could easily discover the wonderful landscape of Namibia over a few weeks. Or consider an itinerary add on to Victoria Falls, Botswana, or Cape Town.

Established in Botswana in 1983. The ecotourism company has seven camps in the country and the Damaraland Lodge serves as an example of a successful joint venture with the local community from Torra Conservancy. 

The only invitation event focused on the luxury travel market is to collaborate with world-class travel agency owners and the most luxurious luxury suppliers, share insights and pave the way for the future of luxury travel.

Desert Rhino Camp’s tent main area has a bar, a fire pit and a dining area where you can enjoy a lantern light dinner. // Photo: Mike Myers

Damaraland, the northwestern part of Namibia, the inland remote site of Skeleton Coast is considered one of the last wildlife areas in southern Africa, characterized by an amazing stratum floating from the desert. This area is also known as the ancient rock art of the Sun people known as Bushman. The advantage of exploring Damaraland is that it is less frequent than Etosha National Park, offering opportunities to observe elephants adapted to the desert, giraffes, endangered species of black rhinoceros. In addition to scenic game drives (including Bush breakfasts and sunshades at the summit), guests at Damaraland Camp hike the trails with expert guides pointing out flora and fauna in this surreal landscape. 

The camp is fully rebuilt in 2009 and offers 10 thatched roof lodgings, including family-style units with 2 adjoining rooms. Despite the remote places, there is the comfort of abundant creatures. The Beds are covered with mosquito nets and spacious bathrooms have twin sinks, water purification, and coffee/tea makers. Typical entries of the guestbook are as follows. “The staff are very kind and always smiling, this is the best place we have stayed in Namibia so far.”

There is a lounge and pool in the main area from which you can enjoy the surrounding landscape. Meals are offered in a family style and create a cheerful and fun atmosphere when exchanging stories with fellow safari visitors. The highlight here is a cultural night held in the nearby “Boma”.  The Wilderness Safaris’ significance of existence is fully revealed. A sustainable approach to the tourism industry by involving communities and educating them as stakeholders in long-term protection activities.

Olive exclusive has seven spacious suites, all individually with the theme of the Namibia region. What is shown here is Etosha Suite. // Photography: Scott N Ramsay

Pair a stay at Damaraland camp with a nearby adventure. Desert Camp is located in the immediate vicinity of Bush Plane. From here, you can participate in a thrilling site racking experience. The camp works with Save the Rhino Trust and donates a part of the guest’s income to the organization. The organization is responsible for protecting black rhinoceroses adapted to rare deserts. Indeed, in this area, there are the largest grazing areas in Africa, of the endangered species.

Fun Facts:

Prince William and Prince Harry in the British royal family are enthusiastic about this organization. These vast, open spaces of parents – palm watchers who accompany a day trip while they track the rho across the gorgeous Moonscape are only accessible to camp guests.

Desert Rhino Camp consists of eight canvas tents built on a hill with furnished verandah. The hardwood floor is covered with fabric rugs and hardwood furniture, and the private bathroom has a copper wash basin and a large dispenser with luxurious bath products.

There is a bar, fire pit, dining area, small pool and lounge in the tight main area. The staff will welcome you warmly with Shelley’s crystal glass after returning from Saor pursuit team with your guide. The camping food is the focus. Dinner begins with butternut and sage soup followed by barbecue ribs, dijon chicken, vegetarian menu. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea are also as abundant. 

E Long Suite

Wilderness Safari has a lounge dedicated to Windhoek International Airport from which Wilderness Air operated light planes lead to camps throughout the country. There are baggage restrictions, baggage that is overweight can be stored in the lounge and laundry is included in the fee.

The Olive Exclusive (Do not confuse with the next Olive Guest House) is a luxurious boutique hotel paying attention to designs that are out of place in European cities. In fact, this is the first ultra-luxury all-suite property at Windhoek. As you step into the lobby, vivid photos by Micky Hoyle are scattered across the wall and there is a coffee table made from sculptured granite blocks. Each of the seven spacious suites is individually decorated with objects and has a fireplace, separate bathtub, and dining area. A large sliding glass door opens on a deck with a daybed. The Premier Suite also has a plunge pool overlooking the hillside dotted with olive trees. Please enjoy refreshing dishes for cooked breakfast such as eggs, avocado, salmon, honey cake and refuel in a wonderful restaurant that can surprise the morning light. 

While staying at Windhoek, Winton’s Safari can stop visiting German colonial buildings and the National Museum and arrange city sightseeing. The tour also includes a visit to the local market of the town of Katutura which is the legacy of apartheid under the South African government.

Tasty tip:

Just a short walk from The Olive Exclusive is the popular restaurant Joe’s Beer House packed with collected antiques.

There is a lounge and pool in the main area of ​​Damaraland Camp and you can see the surrounding landscape. // Photography: Dana Allen

Newly not far from the international airport, the new Omaanda Lodge by Zannier hotel made a splash when it opened in the summer of 2018. What is your target? It brings a new level of luxury to Namibia. Omaanda is linked to Angelina Jolie as the award-winning actress and human rights advocacy group played an important role in saving the land from development. Jolly’s friend, a popular conservation activist Maris van Vuuren and her husband Rudy are managing an important wildlife sanctuary. Adjacent hotel is becoming a development area in the suburbs until Jolie intervenes and persuaded the hotel executive Arnaud Zannier to visit Namibia. (During the movie shooting over a month, Jolie was staying at Cambodia Resort in Zaniel, Pum-Beitan, in the outskirts of Siem Reap.) The lodge obtained as a result of Zanier is victory hospitality as a Zanier reserve The concept and protection project. Kussee Reserve – This land is preserved as wildland

Omaanda overlooking the distant mountains scenery has a luxurious infinity pool, a spa, and a restaurant.  It starts with a boring breakfast (grilled meat, freshly baked bread, sliced ​​fruit, a hot dish to order) and concludes Mezesztail lunch (rich in a fresh salad). Course Gourmet Dinner

Omanda Lodge has 10 air conditioned huts built with traditional Namibian style with rounded corners and a hand-finished thetched roof.

The 10 air-conditioned rooms of the Lodge are housed in a huge walk-in closet, a bathroom with luxurious bathrobes, and a bathtub in front of the window. The elaborate design is revealed in detail to the pretty ceramic espresso cup next to the Nespresso machine. Reservation tips: Two units (3 and 7) are a family style with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Number 4 is the best view.

Jacob will oversee the opening of ten desert lodges called Zannie’s second Namibian property, Sonop. And it is planned to open in spring of 2019. In addition to the game’s drive, Omaanda is like a behind-the-scenes tour with Maris Van Vuren to learn about cultural visits with the people of San and the orphan’s rehabilitation at a hospital, funded by the Jolly Pit Foundation We will create an exclusive experience for our guests.

The American capital Windhoek has become easier to access with a new flight route. In addition to South African Airways via Johannesburg (South Africa’s largest airport, busiest Africa), there are new routes by Qatar Airways, KLM and Ethiopian Airlines. Are you traveling from Europe? Since Namibia was a former German colony, there are direct flights from Frankfurt to Lufthansa / Condor. British Airways flies to Windhoek via Johannesburg.

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