Magellan Jets Adds Partners, Offers New Summer Package in Italy


Europe has been proved to be one of the most popular destinations in summer travels Magellan Jets is partnered with Worth Avenue Yachts and the award-winning villa holiday company Homebase Abroad is one of Italy’s most symbolic summer destinations in summer We offer dusk package

This summer European VIP Jetsetter package includes the following accommodation for 2 weeks along the Amalfi Coast Coast with the following accommodations:

  • private jet charter from the United States to Milan
  • Accommodation at Villa Maria Taglioni on Lake Como is offered for a week.
  • Walking in Milan, Guided Hiking, Personal Shopping
  • Private jet charter from Milan to Venice
  • Accommodation in Palazzo Albera Altana in Venice for a week
  • Private chef
  • Private Venetian taxi rental
  • private jet charter from Venice to Naples
  • Italian luxury sports car driving a beautiful coastal road
  • Accommodation in Villa Astor in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast for 1 week
  • private weekly yacht charter at Worth Avenue yacht on the Amalfi coast
  • Shipboard food and beverage credit of $ 5,000 at Worth Avenue yacht
  • Private jet charter from Naples to America

Villa Maria Tarioni in Lake Como is located in the center of private property opposite the villa d’Este and offers an old world atmosphere with neo-classical architecture, extensive parks and beautiful gardens I will.

Our Recommendation

At the Venice Palace in Venice you can take a taxi from Venice and return to the private villa. At the opening of private galleries to attend selected glass artists, early morning market tours, hands-on cooking classes, the opportunity to understand the culture and history of the lagoon is offered.

At Villa Astor on the Amalfi Coast, you can enjoy the chef of Don Alfonso, the swim in candlelight in a private room cave, and the opportunity to make Naples’ pizza.

The fee for this package starts at $ 500,000 depending on the length of stay, the size of the departure city of the jet.