Just Back: Nepal, the Himalayas and Beyond

The soaring Himalayas visit Nepal for their adventure to the mountains like Everest and the Annapurna Mountains, renowned for their legendary explorers . The adventure on foot is not a discount, but I was excited to undertake another kind of journey. Exploring the countryside and less visited areas, connecting to the local people and experiencing the culture of Nepal. Epic Road creates a custom trip that combines luxury and adventure with immersive and impactful experiences to raise awareness of the world’s problems. I was excited to be invited to a FAM trip that focused so much with travel advisors who like other ambitions.

Our adventure began in two days in Kathmandu. After settling on the lovely Traditional Comfort Hotel we explored the city with our expert guide, Puskar, who accompany us during our trip . We visited several sacred places. The first place of it is Suwamumbunat, also known as “Monkey Temple” which has a beautiful pagoda with prayer flags on the hill and a wonderful view of the city. We are also a huge Hindu temple on the banks of the Bugmati River and also went to Pashupatinath, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Later, at the Boudhanath Stupa, the sky rose up and down! But the 30-minute pouring opened the window in the daily life of Nepal and I witnessed many acts of generosity and kindness. A store owner offered his only chair to one of the advisors who broke up with the rest of the group during our trip. The local people connected their arms and laughed while splashing the puddle. As a major earthquake occurred in 2015, many of the most famous buildings in Kathmandu were leveled and influenced tourism throughout the country, it is natural that this city proved to be very resilient It is. There is also physical evidence – a considerable amount of construction is ongoing at Durbar Square in Kathmandu as it is trying to rebuild a historical building that collapsed during the earthquake. Durbar square is also a glimpse of the young girl playing the traditional and somewhat mysterious role of the living goddess of Nepal, Kumari waving a hand.

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I finished the time I spent in Kathmandu with a wonderful multi-course dinner at the traditional Nepali restaurant Krishnarpan in Kathmandu’s most luxurious hotel Dwarika . ]

Polly Whitker painted a henna tattoo in her hand during his stay with the Panuati local family.

On the third day, we followed the road, headed to the village named Panauti in the Kathmandu Valley in the eastern part, and we had the first experience at Community Homestay. This is an initiative from Royal Mountain Travel . While providing travelers with a full-fledged experience that can only be obtained by breaking the bread with their local families, they also want to build their own business and provide a sustainable economy to local and indigenous communities Creating opportunities

Panauti’s community homestay women greeted us, greeted us with a Tika and greeted us. Another member of our group, Caitlin, and I have been handed over to the Sainju family. For lunch, our host mother, Parvati, made a delicious traditional Newar thali made of rice, curry and seasoning. After lunch, the daughter of Parbati drew a beautiful henna tattoo in our hands, and my mother and daughter showed us around the village. In the evening, we sat down with all three women of the family and laughed and gave them a delicate glass bracelet as a gift. We cooked dinner together and we offered homemade rice wine made by mother of Parbati. The time spent with these warm, intelligent, funny and strong women was a very special experience – there is no doubt to remain in my short list of favorite immersive travel experiences.

The next morning I went for a half day hike from Panauti to Sanga, passed by a breathtaking vertical canyon and a lush rice paddy field. I was not prepared for the beauty of the countryside of Nepal. In the afternoon, I explored Bhaktapur on foot, sampled food from stalls, browsed at a craftsman’s store, and walked around a quiet alley. Puskar led us such an alley that the mid-season year’s potter turned a huge wheel with a stick and was making a perfect cylindrical “money box” bank he sold for about 3 dollars worth . If they were too big to be delicate for the luggage, I would have tried to bring some houses with me as a gift. Bhaktapur is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are some ancient buildings with good preservation like the Nijtapola Temple.

Panauti’s community homestay woman greeted a group with a garland. // Photography: Tanner Caterina Knorr

Our next stop is Neydo Abbey in Pharping where we stayed at a monastery guest house. We got up at dawn, walked across the dew grass, and chanted in the morning with the 200 Neid monks. Even before entering the building with a color rainbow decorated with a golden statue, a small humming sound floating in the air reached us. After listening to chanting, after a fascinating experience, we got the opportunity to graduate quickly and talk with one of the senior monks of the upper class who will leave to share Buddhism with the world.

We departed for patrolling for a long drive to Chitwan National Park and stopped by for a nice lunch at Summit River Lodge on the way. This is not an ordinary hotel. The only way to go there is a thrilling Indiana Jones style adventure. Walk through long suspension bridges, walk through the sleepy jungle village, and explore where lodge stone buildings and infinity pool mix. Perfectly to the surrounding greens. This is a recommended experience and accommodation for travelers who want to mix luxury and adventure.

That evening we arrived at a community homestay place, Bhaura, managed by indigenous Tal tribe members. We stayed in the Taru community for 2 nights. I slept in a traditional mud shot, ate the meal together in the central canteen, cycled in the neighboring village, and stopped by a sanctuary for the elephant. One of the highlights when I spent in Vallauri was Jeep Safari through Chitwan National Park. So, we saw six big corners including mother and her calf. Chitwan recently celebrated with poaching as a year, and is regarded as a major conservation success story in Asia due to the fact that the population of Sai has increased from less than 100 people less than a few decades to 600 people. The second highlight was the fascinating evening stick dance performance by the community’s young Tharu women.

Durbar square in Kathmandu is a reconstruction site that was destroyed by the 2015 earthquake.

After Varauli, we visited Lumbini, the sacred place of the Buddha according to the Buddhist tradition, and toured a rickshaw ride in a beautiful temple in the area. Then I spent the next 2 nights for Pokhara. Temple Tree Although it is a quiet and luxurious resort, it is actually located in the center of Pokhara. It is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail at massage, pool time and poolside bar. Pokhara is also the perfect place to buy Nepalese souvenirs, such as soft cashmere scarves and brightly colored yak wool blankets. For those seeking a thrill it is also a great place to depart from a helicopter to Annapurna Base Camp, to a paraglider watching the view of the Himalayas, or to a relaxing boat to the beautiful Phewa lake.

I am extremely grateful that I had to visit the Tashilling Craft Center, a Tibetan settlement in the outskirts of Pokhara. Tashiling also runs a small restaurant that serves soups and peaches for lunch. Visitors have the opportunity to make a carpet sold at the main shop or to shop for other handmade items such as jewelry, artwork, blankets etc made by craftsmen of residents. Most importantly, there is a museum in the museum explaining the history of Tashiling. It is difficult to say how Nepalese past and current Tibetan refugee stories talk about how emotional it was to walk photos.

With a short flight of 30 minutes at Yeti Airlines, I went back to Kathmandu to buy a meditation bowl, or “singing bowl”, and wandered around the city of Thamel. Less than two weeks, I was able to experience so many aspects of Nepal. Newars and Tharu. Chitwan’s wildlife. Adventure and luxury. But I can not wait to come back and deepen my understanding of this fascinating country.

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