Here’s Why Portugal Is All Over Your Instagram Feed


Since summer vacation is summer vacation, in vacation mode it is deep and many people can go home. There is one place in Europe where many travelers have recently gathered.

Keeping track of those who are accustomed to traveling with Instagram (and even ordinary friends), you may have noticed that in recent years you've posted wonderful photos from Portugal . At summer peak

Co-producer of GoLisbon (named after the capital of Portugal) and editor Mario Fernandes told HuffPost that he is interested in traveling to Portugal in the past 5 years The last two or three who have seen the rise of. Travel agency Cindy Goldberger of travel agency in Hiatus in New York, Brooklyn, noticed that he increased his travel to Portugal about three years ago.

According to Reuters communications, the number of foreign tourists visiting Portugal is in 2017 it is and lead the world

 The southernmost Algarve in Portugal has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

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Algarve in the southernmost part of Portugal is the co-creator of Gorisobon and editor Mario Fernandez is home to "part of the most beautiful beach in Europe".

Customers staying in Lisbon can participate in a day trip to Sintra.

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Visitors staying in Lisbon can see Pena Palace on a day trip to Sintra.

President Eric Hallabant of Cire Travel echoed these sentiments concerning Portugal, travelers explored much in the city, He pointed out that he can perform various activities even during his trip.

"Although it is a small country, there are many beaches and golf options as well as rich history, culture and food." In 5 to 10 days, a vacation that satisfies all your senses and desires I can do honeymoon trip. "

Hrubant celebrities like Madonna and the newlyweds Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander emigrated to Portugal I pointed out.

Fernandez stated that Portugal is "pretty popular" as Portugal is "a very beautiful and photo favorite place" on Instagram and other social media platforms as tourism increases. It is. Larissa D & # 39; Sa, a Lifestyle and traveling video camera based in Mumbai, India told HuffPost that Portugal is one of the most favorite countries that Portugal has ever visited

On a trip in June, she photographs from Lisbon and Sintra


For your itinerary Fernandez departed from Lisbon and proposed to visit the monasteries of Jeronimos and the towers of Berme.

 Bel & eacute; There are also many tourists gathering in the tower.

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The tower of Belém also attracts many tourists.

South of the Algarve "the most beautiful beach in Europe Please finish the journey of "some of them."

Do you want more Portugal? Please check the picture below.

 The main square in Lisbon is Pra & ace do a Com & eacute; rcio

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PraçadoComércio is the main square in Lisbon.

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In Lisbon's St. Loch Church, there is clearly visible appearance, but there is interior decorated luxuriously.

 Boca Inferno near Cascais is & nbsp; & ldquo; Hell & rsquo; s mouth & rdquo;

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Boca do Inferno, the formation of the rock near Cascais, is translated into English "Hell's mouth" in English.

 The reason why Portugal is hit by social media with bright colors like Aljezur is obvious

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It is clear that why Portugal hit social media with a bright color like Aljezur.

 Porto is a known city. You guessed it. That port wine

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Porto is a city known as Port Wine – you guessed it.

 The Christ monastery in Tomar boasts a different style of European architecture throughout the corridor.

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The Christ monastery in Tomar boasts a different style of European architecture throughout the corridor.

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