Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Will Take to the Waters Without Heavy Oil


Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is environmentally friendly with a new fuel oil initiative: low-pollution diesel fuel is used for all expeditions from July 2020 and ships It will be smokeless October 2020.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has announced that low pollution marine light oil (MGO) will be used on all routes of the following vessels: Hanseatic Nature Hanseatic Inspiration Joining the fleet in 2021, The Hanseatic Spirit will also use this fuel


The use of low sulfur fuel in Antarctica has been required for several years and already Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has been using diesel oil voluntarily in the Arctic and other sensitive areas like Kamchatka You are The sulfur content of this low pollution fuel is only 0.1 percent. Furthermore, the new expedition is not only equipped with an SCR catalytic converter that reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by about 95%, but it is also suitable for using cold ironing.

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The route is planned and implemented at an environmentally friendly average speed designed to reduce fuel consumption by about a third. The Hapag-Lloyd Cruises fleet is equipped with biological desalination plants as well as seawater desalination technology to produce clean water. Baus Raster and Stabilizer are running on eco-friendly bio-oil.

In the other Hapag-Lloyd news, he canceled the naming formula of [Natative Nature] . However, the ship itself will still sail its first voyage as planned.

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