Four Seasons Offers “Ultimate European Road Trip” Through France & Italy


This summer we can travel by traveling to France with the French Riviera behind a car of the vintage car. Four Seasons Hotel Four Seasons Hotel Florence Four Seasons hotel European journey: Route to La Dolce Vita. “

You can experience the facilities of the Four Seasons in France and the southern part of Italy by passing through the Giulietta Spider in 1960, the Mercedes Benz 190 SL Cabrio in 1958, the Porsche 356 A Speed ​​Star in 1956. Tourists can start experiencing in one of three places and a dedicated concierge will help you create an itinerary that recommends the best stop in the middle. Behind the people in Tuscan countryside and French Riviera, visitors to shops, restaurants, sightseeing spots, etc., personal drivers follow guests, so the service of the four seasons is on a journey Continue.

Located in the heart of the fashion district, The Four Seasons Hotel Milan is a 15th century monastery where you can relax in secret gardens or a beautiful courtyard, enjoy Milan’s boutiques, antique shops and galleries.


During your stay at Four Seasons Hotel Florence you can explore one of the oldest cities in the world in Florence. In addition, a secret dinner is held at the palace where Mona Lisa was drawn, and the couple can take a break from the road.

Four Seasons Hotel Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat is the ideal spot to enjoy the French Riviera. Built in the residence of the Côte d’Azur main street, the hotel offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea between Nice and Monaco. To enjoy Mediterranean cuisine of the Michelin stars, you can have a meal at the resort restaurant Le Cap.

Where to Visit


Acetaia’s stop is ideal for watching Barcelona’s vinegar production method, Parmesan and balsamic tasting. Depending on availability you can configure visits.


Fontanellato is a small town in the plain of the Po River. Roca San Vitale is a famous base in the center of the town built in the 15th century. The fortress saw the richest period when it was owned by the Sanvitale family in 1400. You can also visit Labirinto di Fontanellato, the world’s largest maze


Visit the small fortification village Vigoleno in Piacenza in Italy, you can also enjoy the panoramic view of the lower valley at the top of the valley. In the castle in the center of the village dating back to the 100s, there are historical relics and artifacts. The guest was a set of 1985 film “Lake Hawk” that was co-starred with Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer, Michelle Pfeiffer, so recognizing this village I can.