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Highlights of one of the ice tunnels under the Langjökull glacier, “into the glacier” experience and Golden Circle

Ultra Summit of Luxury Golden Circle

The most popular “day trip” from Reykjavik is the so-called Golden Circle including the famous sights of Iceland. However, the good news is that the site is close to the capital. But, the downside is that these landmarks are crowded, especially during the summer, and especially during the day when the ship enters the port. So then, I recommend to visit these places as early or as possible to avoid peak hours. The first parliament building UNESCO World Heritage site, the first parliament building is like a park. Also, go to Geysir (Icelandic spout) and see Great Geyser sending 100 feet of hot water to erupt every 10 to 15 minutes. Similarly, the famous waterfall Gould foss, Iceland is nearby.


The best lighting for Gullfoss’ photo is in the afternoon.

The third highest waterfall in Iceland, the stunning cascade of 400 feet

Beyond the Golden Circle

The farther you get from the Golden Circle, the fewer tourists you have.

Here are some ideas:

Reykjavik is the second largest Langjökull glacier in Iceland, an infinite snowy sea in all directions. Therefore, I recommend to experience “ Into the Glacier “. Also, an impressive tunnel maze of 1000 feet under the ice is illuminated with LED lights. Additionally, Hallopol’s waterfall is on the east side of Reykjavik and the hidden Gujanphos waterfall at the end of a well marked hiking course


Appearance of SkálakotManor, Hvolsvöllur

Next, if you can deal with serious hollows and rocky roads, visit Háifoss in Iceland at the third highest waterfall and drop 400 ft into a deep valley. Also, if you want to approach two Háifoss cascades, follow the road from the canyon to the river bank. In the meantime, there is a natural wonderland Best Man Naiyar Islands in southeast of Reykjavik.

This is a fun day trip to the main island village Heimaei with a ferry. From here, visit other Zodiac’s other islands called “ Rib Safari ” for your life adrenaline rush. Alternatively, you can hike up to Heimaey’s dormant Eldfell Volcano, and have a wonderful view of the archipelago. Next, return to the mainland and walk to the dormant Raufarhólshellir through the lava tube or hiking to the edge of the volcano and visit the volcano with a 400 foot deep shaft in a silent Thrihnukagigur with an elevator. Particularly, Black Sand Beach, symbolic waterfalls like Skógafoss, horse riding to the edge of glaciers, hiking are in the southeastern region.

Ignacio · Maza of Langjolguk glacier, 4,000 feet above sea level

How is the Blue Lagoon? A visit to Iceland is not complete unless you experience Blue Lagoon, the most famous attraction in the country. Likewise, this lagoon is a huge hot spring complex located in the black lava area next to the geothermal power station. The water is heated at 100 degrees C for one year and full of therapeutically effective silica mud.

The appearance of one of the rooms in the Retreat of the Blue Lagoon

Where are you staying?

By the way, prices of hotels in Iceland have increased rapidly in recent years. Here is what I recommend: in Reykjavik, Ion City hotel featuring contemporary Icelandic design, warm and thoughtful service and a wonderful restaurant called Sumac, the city center It opened in 2017.

Generally, about 45 minutes to the east from Reykjavik, there is a sister hotel ION Adventure Design Forward Lodge located in lava field covered with moss. Decoration is modest and uses locally produced materials. Especially, during your stay, swim in the hotel’s outdoor thermal pool while drinking a drink in the Northern Lights bar. For the first or last night in Iceland, please stay at Retreat at Blue Lagoon . Elegant suite, 40,000 square feet of spa, 3 restaurants. It is only 15 minutes from the airport.

Panorama Suite at ION City Hotel, Reykjavik

Practical advice

At first, please prepare suitable equipment and layers to accommodate any kind of weather. Highland is from June to August, and Iceland Golden Circle is exposed to light almost all day. From the end of April to the end of May, or from September to the beginning of October the price of the hotel drops, the congestion is small and the sunshine is sufficient. Aurora can be seen from September to April. Regardless of when you travel, advance booking for Iceland is particularly essential, especially as the best hotels and lodges are small and frequently sold out.

To summarize, a wonderful resource to plan your next trip to Iceland is Nordic Luxury a destination specialist. The company owns the largest luxury car in Iceland and has access to excellent guides.

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