Balloons Over Bagan Launches New Hot-Air Flight in Myanmar


Balloons Over Bagan started a new hot-air balloon flight this month in a remote ethnic region of Kaya Province in Myanmar. It is a set out for a new perspective.

Balloons Over Bagan

Bagan, Success at Inle Lake following the two-day “Balloon Safari” in Shan State, Balloon Over Loikaw will be the fourth option of this adventure tour operator. To include, Loikaw is located on the 3,000-foot plateau in the eastern part of Myanmar, surrounded by mountains and rice fields. Thus, it is the home of more than 10 ethnic groups including the Kayan tribe, and its “long neck” woman.  These women are famous for brass coils around the neck and colorful traditional costumes.

In Addition, Loikaw hot air balloon rides take off at sunrise every day throughout the year, and can carry 6 to 8 passengers lasting from 1 to 2 hours per flight. Particularly, balloons powered by liquid petroleum gas will soar up to the highest altitude of 10,000 feet. Safety is a top priority, the company says. To add, most of the pilots and technicians are trained in the UK, but the remainder are license holders in Australia, Canada and Spain. All flights are comprehensively insured.

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Access to Loikaw: In addition to the national airline’s Myanmar national airline and the daily flight from Yangon to Loikaw at Air Kanbawza, Air Kanbawza announced a new service in December . Airport (near popular tourist destination Inle Lake)

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