Airbnb Is Accused Of Destroying Cities. This Company Says It’s The Ethical Alternative.


Amsterdam – “Stop eviction of Amsterdam!” In December protesters passed through the capital of the Netherlands Messages that posters blocked the street Tourism industry, Airbnb , And “vitrified” to the power of vitrification.

Amsterdam is the only city that is accused of turning Airbnb ‘s rental housing increase into a cash collecting asset rather than a place to live. In New Orleans, the sharing economy has been condemned by the increase in social division while Street Graffiti screams while the surging tourism industry is partially encouraged by the platform like Airbnb ,

And the city is acting. In Amsterdam, for example, the number of nights was restricted in . An Airbnb style host can borrow up to 30 apartments (from 60 people). In Barcelona, ​​organizers have to register in the city, The government ceased issuing new licenses . And in New York City it is illegal to rent an entire apartment within 30 days .

Sito Veracruz, a temporary Airbnb hoster living in Amsterdam, believes there is a clear positive that can come from short term rent – money in local people’s pocket To make tourists experience the new community. But he thinks there is a better way.

 Poster called "No culture required for Amsterdam". Protestors criticize the "commercialization" of the city

The poster of Amsterdam says “I do not want a monoculture”. Protestors criticize the city’s “commercialization”, which blames for factors including the sale of tourism, Aribnb, vitrification and public housing inventory.
 Banner of Barcelona, ​​Spain. In this city, protests against hyper tourism are taking place.

Flag of Spain, Barcelona. The city has seen protests against hyper tourism.

Analysis shows that short-term Airbnb rental is increasingly specialized a high profit for a small number of landlords has been created residential inventory is taken away from home use contributions It is pointed out that there is. Rising price adversely affecting local people in the Spanish Balearic Islands from Palma de Mallorca to Italy’s Venezia

According to McGill University ‘s report on Airbnb’ s activities in New York published from January 2018 to 2017, those who are airbunbing their homes are in the long – term rental market I retreated to 13,500 houses . increased the median value of the long term lease period by 1.4%. Also, despite the brand as Airbnb’s sharing economy company – to aim for the common people to share assets – despite the fact that commercial operators with multiple lists account for 12% of hosts, Accounting for more than a quarter of the income.

 Co-founder of Airbnb, Jo Gebbia

Airbnb co-founder, Jo Gebbia.

Alec Behrens, co-founder of rival, was originally impressed as it initially handled only hotels with a much cheaper commission than travel agencies. “If you have a house and are camping in summer and someone lives and lives like a locals, what’s wrong with that? That’s amazing, but Airbnb is the opposite. , About shareholder value, it is another game, “he said.

David Wachsmuth, Urban Governance Research Chairperson at McGill University in Canada, has researched and co-authored Airbnb. Report of January 2018

“When you look at the impact on a given city, there are more losers than the winners,” Waxmus said. “A small range of organizers are making money, but everyone has problems of quality of life just by raising rent a little, a simple point of view of the city trying to care for the residents From, they should limit this activity. ”

Wachsmuth says there is a possibility that a renting platform aiming for more ethical things like Fairbnb will work. “It is a difficult question as to how they do so because it is very difficult to force rules against hosts you can not identify,” he said. “Airbnb dies to keep it from providing too much information.”

Airbnb strongly denies that it contributes to vitrifying and affordable housing crisis. It states that the study it did shows a good economic impact of its activities and that it took over $ 1 billion on hotels tax and tourism taxes There. Spokeswoman says, “Experts have already shown that Airbnb does not have a significant impact on housing” survey in places such as Germany. Media article states that in higher cities such as Amsterdam it is necessary to prevent price increases in higher buildings

Airbnb also has arguments that allow people to make up for income. Mary Margaret Kean, a real estate brokerage in New Orleans, the chairman of the rental group Alliance for the prosperity of the neighborhood, acknowledged that some neighboring countries could always oppose short-term rental to tourists, Other costs

 Airbnb was supported outside the InterContinental New York Barclay Hotel in November 2018, and the world hotel industry enforced

In November 2018, Airbnb supporters came outside the Intercontinental New York Berkeley Hotel. Here, executives of the world hotel industry and city officials had a meeting on how to resume at Airbnb.

“Keeping in mind social responsibilities and a platform that maximizes positiveness sounds best,” Kean says. “You do not always win neighbors, and they talked, if they vote for it as a whole, but if the neighbor is splitting, recognize complaints and problems, they will not win It is the responsibility of short-term recipients to reduce the burden and create a positive situation. ”

Fairbnb expects an increase in people who are more thoughtfully traveling. Just as thinking about “good” shopping and choice of transportation, Mr. Veracruz said that he could start thinking about the ethics of vacation. You may be thinking what you are bringing to local people who are part of your sightseeing life, I feel the disadvantages of annoying and sexualization.

“People are activities that are happening around and are heavily influenced by the fact that they are being adversely affected,” Veracruz says. “It is important not only for vacation rentals but also for the economy of the platform to analyze its impact and to see ways to have positive impact on those people.”

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