Venice, Italy, To Start Taxing One-Day Visitors


for centuries people have been visiting Venice in Italy to see the canals

Now it seems that tourists seem to be able to soak in the water

With the approval of the Italian government, the city has visitors up to 10 euros ($ 11.28) I plan to charge it.

New strategies are expected to bring to the city to address the problem of what millions of people are in trouble. The day comes to Venice, Italy but a cheap skate tourist who spends little money on Venice bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops

The government announced that 24 million people visiting Venice, Italy. We estimate that about 15 million people.

Although the exact price has not yet been determined, it is between 2.50 and 10 euros, with student, business trip or resident exemptions

Tourists who are trying to see Venice without paying a fee can pay a fine of 450 euros ($ 500). The Express

If you spent the night in Venice, you will not be charged for the stay tax already paid.

Money collected from tourist taxes will be used to help maintain the city slowly sinking into the lagoon

mayor of Venice, Luigi Brunyero,

“It does not mean how much we earn,” Burgunallo said According to the guardian. “It is to manage the flow of tourists … We do not want to make Venice a theme park.”

But the plan is Has begun to catch fire from Italian politicians like. ] According to Guardian, Gian Marco Centinaio asked Twitter, “We would like to be a country to challenge tourists?”

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