Nissan delivers its 300,000th Leaf electric car

Nissan Leaf EV

Nissan announced today that the company has sold and delivered its 300,000th Nissan LEAF globally – the best-selling electric vehicle cumulatively to date.

 Nissan Executive Vice President Daniele Schillaci commented on the announcement:

“These numbers prove that the Nissan LEAF remains the most advanced car in the world, with the widest reach and the greatest availability. The new Nissan LEAF is the icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility because it delivers an even more exciting drive and enhanced ownership experience and contributes to a better world. It will take Nissan’s EV leadership even further.”

The new Nissan LEAF is currently being delivered in Japan and is slated for deliveries in January in the U.S., Canada and Europe. It will eventually be sold in more than 60 markets worldwide.

Electrek’s Take

The Japanese automaker was quick to market with the Leaf launching in 2010. It’s not the best-selling all-electric car today, but it has accumulated a record number of deliveries over the years.

As Seth and I discussed in the last episode of the Electrek Podcast, we think that Nissan became complacent with the Leaf over the year. They took a long time to redesign the vehicle and now it feels like they are only catching up in terms of specs, instead of leading the way.

But when launching the next-gen Leaf, Nissan said that it expects to increase Leaf production to match increased demand with the new version. It’s now in production in Japan, the UK, and the US.

It will be interesting to see how sales perform in the next few months as the new version arrives at Nissan dealerships.