10 Summer Sports That Can Burn Serious Calories

With warm weather comes more opportunity to play with your workout. Bust out of your gym rut and try these fun summer sports that'll challenge your muscles and blow your calorie burn through the roof.



Surfing Burn Serious Calories

What it works: Arms, shoulders, back, legs, butt, and core

Why it’s cool: While you may not have a sky-high calorie burn after chasing waves, don’t think you won’t wake up feeling all sorts of sore the next day. Surfing is a total-body workout that requires endurance, balance, and explosive power. And if your abs aren’t prepared for a flab-blasting session, forget it—all the power you need to paddle out, pop up, and ride the wave comes from your core. Try this seven-minute surfer’s workout from Rosante, then get ready to hang ten (and endure a few wipeouts—hey, it’s all part of the fun) and Burn Serious Calories.

Calories burned: 185