10 Summer Sports That Can Burn Serious Calories

With warm weather comes more opportunity to play with your workout. Bust out of your gym rut and try these fun summer sports that'll challenge your muscles and blow your calorie burn through the roof.


Soccer to Burn Serious Calories

Soccer Burn Serious Calories

What it works: Legs, butt, and core

Why it’s cool: An intense cardio workout that adds another layer to running, soccer works some of the largest muscles in your body and Burn Serious Calories, says Pasternak. “Your quads, hamstrings, and calves are trained while you run, and as you move laterally [side to side, or in zigzag directions as you chase the ball around the field], the muscles around your hips—your adductors and abductors—get toned,” he says. That lateral movement is key for runners, as that area tends to be weak from moving forward in only one direction. Pasternak says soccer is also a great summer sport to practice working out in an optimal heart rate zone, when your body is working at a prime calorie-burning level. Using an activity monitor with built-in GPS and heart rate tracking, like the Fitbit Surge, will help you train in that zone and keep track of steps and distance covered.

Calories burned: 415