10 Summer Sports That Can Burn Serious Calories

With warm weather comes more opportunity to play with your workout. Bust out of your gym rut and try these fun summer sports that'll challenge your muscles and blow your calorie burn through the roof.


Water Polo to Burn Serious Calories

Water Polo Burn Serious Calories

What it works: Legs, butt, shoulders, back, and core

Why it’s cool: Next time you have a big backyard bash, rally the troops to play a sport they’ve probably never tried before. Not only will your legs, butt, and core get a workout from all the water treading you’ll be doing (try the eggbeater kick, where your left leg rotates clockwise while the right moves counter-clockwise, to be the most efficient one in the water), but your shoulders and back will too as you use one arm to pass, catch, and shoot the ball into the opposing team’s goal in return you Burn Serious Calories

Calories burned: 590