10 Summer Sports That Can Burn Serious Calories

With warm weather comes more opportunity to play with your workout. Bust out of your gym rut and try these fun summer sports that'll challenge your muscles and blow your calorie burn through the roof.


Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball Burn Serious Calories

What it works: Legs, butt, shoulders, and core

Why it’s cool: There’s a reason Kerri Walsh Jennings has rock-hard abs—beach volleyball requires a ton of power from your core so you can hit hard, pass accurately, move fast and Burn Serious Calories . Add sand to all of that and you automatically make your workout even more intense, as it’s just plain hard to move in the soft stuff. Working in plyometrics will help with the explosive power you need to get those mad jumps up at the net, and Pilates is a favorite of Jennings to get that core strength you need to slam the ball down—on your opponents’ side, obviously. Bonus: Playing this summer sport basically means you automatically look amazing in a bikini.

Calories burned: 470