10 Summer Sports That Can Burn Serious Calories

With warm weather comes more opportunity to play with your workout. Bust out of your gym rut and try these fun summer sports that'll challenge your muscles and blow your calorie burn through the roof.



Kayaking Burn Serious Calories

What it works: Arms, shoulders, back, and core

Why it’s cool: It’s a cool way to sight see on vacation and a relaxing way to rev your calorie burn when you’re not looking to skyrocket your heart rate. You can set your own paddle pace, though, and if you maintain a quick clip, you’ll definitely feel your back straightening, abs tightening, and arms burning. Remember to pull from your core when paddling so your arms don’t burn out too quickly (focus on sitting up straight and sucking your belly to your spine). And if you want an extra challenge, hit an area that has waves for you to navigate and Burn Serious Calories.

Calories burned: 295